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Gilmore Girls News just pointed out that Alexis will be filming The Kate Logan Affair. According to Heidi Levitt, the casting director, filming should’ve started this month already or will be starting next month in Montreal, Canada. The interview that Alexis mentioned the filming was posted on this site way back when the interview was posted on PopStar‘s site, but I never got time to read it. How unfortunate 😛
This is the sypnosis posted on Heidi’s site:

The Kate Logan Affair is about a young psychologically unstable young police woman named Kate Logan and a married Frenchman who find themselves caught up in a dramatic twisted affair.

There is also more news on Sin City 2! MTV talked to actor Clive Owen (who played Dwight in Sin City) about the film. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m hearing it might be next year,” Owen told MTV News. “I heard that from a very good source… recently.”
However, Owen wouldn’t reveal where he heard the news (“Maybe one of them,” he grinned, when asked if it was Miller or Rodriguez), and he didn’t let fans’ hopes get too carried away. According to the actor, he hasn’t read a script for the film yet.
“I had a great time on the first one. It was a stunning film,” said Owen. ” I think it was an absolutely extraordinary achievement, what [Rodriguez] did with that film. It is a genuinely original movie.”

I really hope the movie does get filmed! I’ve been updating the gallery with tonnes opf photos recently. I will post links to all updates soon but if you follow our twitter, I post them as I go (:

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Kelly   Sep 24, 2009