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Actor Corey Haim recently died, and MTV composed a list of his projects that he was attached to. Corey wanted Alexis to play his character’s wife in one of them, and director Tim Vogel says that the prject will still go forward- possible project for Alexis?

SAD (Standard American Diet)
“It’s an anti-FDA piece about the American diet; the story is based on current events. Corey was going to play the part of a chemical engineer,” said director/writer/producer Tim Vogel, explaining that Haim was trying to get Alexis Bledel to appear as his wife in the “Fast Food Nation”-like project. “We tried to get him down here last fall to shoot some scenes for a trailer, but it never materialized. … We’re moving forward with ‘SAD.’ It’s still a timely piece that needs to be told. Corey will be in our hearts and memories, and we’ll dedicate the film to Corey. He would’ve been perfect for the role. He was really coming around.”


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Kelly   Mar 12, 2010