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MTV had a talk with Alexis and “Post Grad” co-star, Zach Gilford, and they’ve been told that the script for Sin City 2 is complete and Alexis’ character will be back.

Though she’s not sure when the film will move forward, actress Alexis Bledel has been told that the script for “Sin City 2” is complete and that this one is going to be a prequel, at least as far as her character is concerned.
“Someone told us yesterday that there’s a script,” Bledel’s “Post Grad” co-star Zach Gilford told MTV News during a chat with the pair.
“I don’t know what their source was,” added Alexis, “but they said they read the second script. … Apparently, [I’m] back because it’s a prequel. Because [I’m] supposed to die in the first one. But you don’t see it, so maybe she doesn’t.”

The prequel part is, most likely, a segment that adapts Frank Miller’s long-rumored-for-the-big-screen “A Dame to Kill For”. Director Robert Rodriguez previously stated that the sequel would blend old “Sin City” stories with all-new yarns by Miller.
Since many of the lead characters in the first “Sin City” meet with some unhappy ends, the prequel route may be exactly what is needed to bring back some fan-favorites.


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